Thursday, April 29, 2010

What Kem Meyer taught me about (Church) Communication @ Exponential ‘10

Less Clutter, Less Noise! We are in the business of persuasion! It's NOT what you say; it's what people hear! Are people letting you in or shutting you out? IT’S NOT OUR JOB TO SEND THE RIGHT MESSAGE, BUT TO RELEASE THE RIGHT RESPONSE! Three principles to follow: 1) Check your ego! We overestimate what we say and we underestimate how if effects others! Do I care more about what I have to say than the person I’m saying it to? What am I motivated by? It's about the WHO, not the WHAT! It’s less about what you have to say and MORE about others! 2) Get an Image Consultant! Sometimes the picture we are drawing is not saying what we think it is! 3) Keep It Simple! Our brain focuses on surviving the moment! Are we bombarding people with too much information and too many decisions? The more elements there are, the less importance each one has! For example, Yahoo vs. Google. Minimizing options maximizes response! "A generation ago the question was, ' What's the truth?' Now it's, 'What's the point?'" Billy Graham

What Kem Meyer Taught Me About Church Social Networking @ Exponential '10

Everything is social! Your website is NOT an online brochure! When you stop learning, you forget what you already know. Everyone follows a sequenced process before trusting; they 1) ask questions, 2) search Google, 3) check the brand’s website and 4) check reviews. Must be strategic to help people move up the “Trust Ladder.” We must shift our M.O. from OUT to IN: from publicize to connect, from control to cultivate, from push to personalize, from censure to coach, from capture to liberate, from prescribe to influence, from fear to wonder, from conform to channel, from sending to releasing right response, from feedback to ways to provide service, from broadcast communication to techniques for listening spaces. Watch and learn; lerking is okay! Help people connect; don’t just advertise! Keep it simple! Teach your offline networks to go online and your online networks to go offline! CHATTER MATTERS! Honesty is more important than expertise. Social Networking is REAL TIME sharing! The goal is interaction not information!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Random Gleanings from Exponential '10

From Mark Batterson: The chief end of man is to glorify God! Minister TO the Lord not FOR the Lord! Have a God-sized VISION beyond your resources! Vision defines budget; budget does NOT define vision! If you don't turn God's blessings into praise, they turn into pride! It’s not about WHERE you are going; it’s about WHO you are becoming! Sometimes God gets IN the way to SHOW us the way!

From Matt Chandler: The GOSPEL is our ONLY message! Preach the gospel, not moralistic deism! The cul-de-sac of stupidity is loving your city without the Gospel! Alienation from God leads to Hostility of Mind which leads to Evil Deeds! Find new ways to preach the old, old story! We've been saved FROM sin and TO mission! Quit asking people to do what you won't do! Your church is weak where you are weak! Be ON MISSION! LOVE and KNOW the cross of Jesus Christ and His resurrection!!!

From Francis Chan: Who in your church has actually MADE a disciple? Does my life look like Jesus? Would anyone every say, “The day I spent with Randy was the closest experience of what it would be like to walk with Jesus!”? When you are alone with the Word of God, do you read “have a church service” or do you ready “make disciples”? The older we get, the safer in our faith we become! Will people ever say about your church, “I’ve never seen LOVE like that before!” or “I’ve never seen UNITY like that before!” or “I’ve never seen FORGIVENESS like that before!”? What is your church KNOWN for?

From Louie Giglio: The Acts 2 Church DID NOT KNOW what an Acts 2 Church was! All they had was 1) the Teachings of Jesus, 2) the Eye Witness of the Resurrection and 3) the Power of the Holy Spirit! We have what they had! Don't get your vocabulary from the latest book! Transformation happens IN the Word, AT the Cross and BY the Power of Holy Spirit! Do I put the Word of God in front of people well? FREE me, God, from walking by sight and not by faith!