Wednesday, December 22, 2010


ACCOMPLISHMENT seemed to be the theme of how the Lord richly blessed our Two Thousand Ten! Jennifer, who'll be 29 on CHRISTmas Eve, graduated from San Joaquin Delta College in May with her Associates Degree in Nursing and is now a Registered Nurse working for St. Joseph's Medical Center (SJMC) in Stockton, CA, where she lives. (SJMC is where Dena and I both worked from 1985 to 1998, before going into full time ministry.) Jennifer's "man" Brandon Zimmerman is a student at San Francisco State University, completing his degree in accounting. That same week in May, Bethany (24) graduated from California State University Long Beach with her Bachelor's Degree in Theater Production. She resides in Huntington Beach, CA and still works for Disneyland, while she seeks employment in theater. Jaye (24) returned home from his 400 day deployment in Iraq with the Army National Guard on September 18th. What a joyous day that was! Our daughter-in-love Nicole (23) greeted him by jumping into his arms, legs fully wrapped around his body. :o) Jaye and Nicole are now expecting and will be making us grandparents next June. YAY!!! Nicole works full time for the University of Phoenix and Jaye just completed his Certification in Personal Training and just landed a job at the LA Fitness near our homes. Jaye and Nicole reside here in Gilbert, AZ, just down the street from us, in our same Power Ranch Community. Jared (22) is our resident Christian Apologist (like mother, like son), still makes and delivers pizza for a living and is a Psychology Student at Chandler-Gilbert Community College. Blythe Jones (20), Jared's "lady," also works in pizza and is an Anthropology Student at the same community college. Jared and Blythe also live close by, here in Gilbert, in Power Ranch. Randy Jr. (18) graduated from Williams Field High School in May (Yes! Three graduations in May!) and is now an on-campus freshman at Grand Canyon University here in Phoenix, completing a Bachelor's Degree in Christian Ministry. Of course, we also have two "adopted" daughters, Theresa Matthews and Stacey Rogers, who are a delight in our lives, with the added joy of my three "adopted" grandsons, Elias Matthews (9), Isaac Rogers (5) and Ben Rogers (4). Although our dog Buddy (8) is now the only "kid" left at home, Dena and I are Empty Nesters and loving every bit of it! I, Randy Sr (48) continue to work full time for as Executive Pastor. Additionally, I work very part time for as Church Planting Coaching Coordinator, as Certified Diabetes Care Pharmacist and as a Certified Product Trainer. Dena (48) works full time in the home, with her primary responsibility now being ME! :o) We are so proud of ALL of our children and grandchildren as they all love the Lord! For pictures, please check out my or Dena's or any of the kids' Facebook pages. Merry CHRISTmas and Happy New Year! We love you!

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  1. Good stuff Randy -

    You guy's are blessed with an amazing family and friends. 2011 looks to be even more exciting and crazy.

    Take Care